Key dates

From the time of the Merovingians to the Norman invasions

- Circa 600 AD birth of Saint Wandrille.

- 630 Saint Wandrille in Montfaucon, with Saint Balfrid.

- 631 Saint Wandrille in Saint-Ursanne.

- ???? Saint Wandrille in Bobbio.

- 637 Saint Wandrille in Romainmôtier.

- 1st March 649 founding of the monastery by Saint Wandrille and his nephew Gond.

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Key people

Abbots of Fontenelle

Monks who have died since the re-foundation of 1894

Saints of Fontenelle

Blessed dom Louis-François Lebrun, monk of Saint-Wandrille and martyr

Dom Jean Martial Besse

Dom Joseph Pothier

Monseigneur Stanislas de Stacpoole

Historical information

Beeswax polish and microfilm


Products and production in the abbey

The refectory of Saint-Wandrille, one thousand years of history

Maurist Priors