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ur Benedictine community of monks welcomes you to the abbey of Saint-Wandrille de Fontenelle website.

The monastic community of the abbey of Saint-Wandrille perpetuates the long Benedictine tradition of prayer and work in silence, solitary prayer and communion. In the rule of Saint Benedict, written in the 6th century, we find a strictly ordered way of life in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Throughout its thirteen centuries, spanning different epoques of history, the abbey of Saint-Wandrille, which has twice been ‘resurrected’, has borne witness to Benedictine spirituality, which is to strive to live constantly present to the one who is Presence.

Beer brewed by the monks

The monks of Saint-Wandrille have become brewers in order to provide the financial resources necessary for the life of the community and building maintence.

The first beer to come out of Saint-Wandrille is a deeply coloured pale ale with a good hoppy flavour, smooth and refreshing, made at the abbey from cereals and hops grown only in France. This is the only beer in France to be produced by monks within their monastery.

A work in progress : the “Matins Door”

In this New Year, the company “Normandie Rénovation,” in collaboration with the sculptor Philippe Robin, is working on Matins Door. Before the destruction of the abbey church, this door was inside the church, connecting the monks’ dormitory to the north transept of the church. Now outdoors, it is constantly exposed to the elements. All the carved elements will be restored except the baskets which adorn the top of the curved pediment, too severely damaged to permit restoration. New baskets will be carved and installed by the “Giordani” Company next April.

New youth for the transept of the old abbey church

Although the whole of the ruins of the medieval abbey church are in need of restoration, it was necessary to deal with the high walls of the gothic transept without delay, in order to ensure the safety of visitors. The parasitic vegetation was removed, the top of the walls and the turret were covered with lead to prevent water seepage, the jointing of the walls was renewed, and various sculpted elements were restored. A few photographs testify to the success of this important undertaking.

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